Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 30 - Progress

I can finally show some progress :) Yes, that means there are actually photos in this post! haha

So, last February I bought this dress (below) to wear to my nephew's wedding. At the time I had lost 14 lbs, and spent 2 months dieting and excerising. I was so excited I went out and paid way more money than I normally would have on this outfit.

I wore it twice before I couldn't wear it anymore :( Well tonight I realized that I weigh 1 lb more today than I did a year ago! So I tried it on and it FITS! I'm so glad, because today I went shopping with the sisters and bought these beauties:
at a KILLER sale at Dillard's. And guess what? They match the dress! It totally wasn't planned. I really went to buy a pair of black shoes and a brown belt, two things I need, but ended up with cute brown shoes instead. :)

So, tomorrow I am going to wear my dress to church. I'm so excited! :)

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