Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preparation for Round 2

I am getting ready to start my second round this weekend. I'm so excited! I just received some super cute (size 30) desiner shorts that I can't wait to fit into!! Of course, it will be July by the time I got off of my second round (shots and maintenance), but I'll still have time to wear shorts, right? Unless it snows in July....which would be weird.

I'm a little nervous about starting my second round, though. I know a couple of people who didn't do so well on their subsequent rounds, and I'm a little stressed about that. I'm sure it will be fine, though, once I get started.

The thing that makes me crazy, though, are all the excuses I've heard, in person or online, for not sticking with a program that is really so easy. "I only cheated once." "I don't have time." "It's easier to just go out than eat what I'm supposed to." "It's too hard to follow the diet."

Seriously? You are able to lose up to 35 lbs (depending on your starting weight, I'm sure) in as little as 7 weeks, and you're cheating because it's "too hard?" This has been the easiest diet I've ever been on. Yes, it takes a lot of self control, but it's totally worth it. All it takes is 7 weeks of a little self control, and you can lose weight. No exercise. No nasty diet food. The food we eat is actually really good, and you have a lot of different combination choices.

So, I will start writing more faithfully once I start round 2. I will probably start Friday, so I will definitely see you all then!

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