Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maintenance - Day 16

I am quickly approaching the end of my 3 week maintenance program.

I've been yo-yo-ing a little, which I understand to be normal. I'm doing well though. I'm within the 2 lb range of my final injection day, so all is well :)

I am excited to be able to eat "normal" again, but will be keeping a lot of the things I've been eating on maintenance. My all-time favorite recipe is the cream cheese muffins with a little SF syrup. YUMMY!

And the SF peanut butter cookies.

And the whipped topping on SF Jello gelatin cups. Mmmm....

And the SF candy has been quite delightful as well.

So, as you can see, my diet will have changed. It will, however, be nice to be able to eat bread again. I miss my PBJ sandies. Mmmm....And I have a girl scout cookie with my name on it in my trunk...just waiting....

But I'm not going to go crazy. I've been eating, and eating well, so it's not like I'm starving all the time. A lot of times I am actually quite full.

Last night we had Easter dinner with my family, and everyone had pasta/Caesar salads with jello and hogi sandies and strawberry shortcake (my assignment). I planned ahead and brought a zucchini which I sliced. A hard-boiled egg which I mashed up with some butter, and then had some of the deli turkey (no sugars in it, I checked the lable), some tomato, and some of the pickles and olives. Then for dessert I set aside a bowl of cut strawberries, sprinkled on some Splenda and used my whipped topping recipe (which EVERYONE enjoyed immensely) on top of it. Ooh it was delightful! Of course, it was only like 400 calories total, so I had to eat some food when I got home because I was way under my calories, but that's okay. I made what we had at the party work, with a little planning ahead.

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