Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WEIGH IN and PHASE 3 meeting

I have lost a total of 30 lbs. I am so excited!! I have about 7 more shots, so I'm hoping to eek out another 5 lbs by then. Then I start on maintenance. I'm scared to DEATH.

The shot-diet (or phase 2 as it's called) was pretty easy. I knew I could only eat 3.5 oz of 1 meat from the list and 1 veg from the list. I could have a fruit from the list at 10 AM, and another one 6 hrs later. I could have a total of 2 pieces of melba toast throughout my day. That's how my life has been these last 7 weeks.

But once I finish the shots, and 72 hours has passed (to get the hcg out of my system), my world as I know it will totally change. After that 72 hrs I "get" to start eating 1900-2100 calories a day. This is going to be a HUGE change from the 500 I'm used to. I can't imagine eating an entire 6 oz steak in one sitting, but I'm supposed to. I have WAY more options, fruit wise, and I can even eat some cheeses. I have to confess, I'm quite excited about the cheese. And the yogurt.

We bought a cookbook from our lady today (my MIL and I are sharing it) and I can even have natural Peanut Butter, and make PB cookies! And I can eat sugar-free chocolates! I must admit, I'm excited to be able to have some sweets after so long. But I'm still scared.

I'm afraid that I'll screw up somehow. I'm sure if I just map everything out ahead of time, I'll be fine. But, what happens once my 3 weeks of maintenance are over? I still have to be careful. I can't go back to how I was. I can't eat out every meal and king size everything and drink 150+ oz of Coke daily. NO! I'm determined not to be like that!!

I will be making smarter choices, though. Instead of making lunch one day, I could go get a salad from Subway up the street (or a sandwich, depending on my mood...you can't beat those $5 footlongs!) I'm going to be reading labels more carefully now. Like, did you know that "low fat" may not necessarily be better than regular?? In order to drop the fat they raise the carbs. What the?? Isn't that essentially the same thing? Sugars turn to fats. Sugars are carbs. More carbs, less "fat" = low fat. I'm going to definitely spend more time reading labels, that's for sure!

Everything I thought I knew about dieting has totally changed, and that scares me too. I have to re-learn it all, and I'm worried that my brain won't be able to. Of course, my brain has been convincing my body that 500 calories of food is okay...probably because there's at least 1500 calories of fat floating around in my body courtesy of the hcg releasing my abnormal fat stores.

Well, I figure I have a whole week to totally freak out before I get to the new diet. Oh, did I mention I can't have any starches or sugars while on maintenance?? Yeah, no more oranges. No more melba toast :( I'm going to miss my friends Orange and Melba. It's okay, they can rejoin me once maintenance is over. (I'm mostly just mad because I just bought a 10 lb bag of oranges! I hope they're still good, or at least that my family will eat them while I can't!)

I'm sorry for rambling. I'm going to just do my best and try really really really hard not to gain any weight back. That would totally suck.

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  1. SO AWESOME!! I hope I can do as well as you have.
    How exciting that you are almost to phase 3! 7 weeks seems forever away to me right now. But,
    I finally found Melba today at the store... Melba is my new friend :)