Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 48

Had my final weigh in today. Here are my results!

Weight loss: 33.4 lbs
change in fat percent: 40.5% down to 33.8% - 6.7% decrease
BMI change: 31.4 down to 25.8 - I'm almost to the "healthy weight" BMI range. I have 4.2 lbs to lose until I get there.

Chest: 5 inches
Waist: 9 inches
Hips: 4.5 inches
Arms: .75 inches
Legs: 1.75 inches
Calf: 1 inch
Neck: .5 inches
TOTAL INCHES LOST: 22.5 inches

I'm quite happy with these results. I mean, 7 weeks isn't that long, but to see results like this really makes me happy :)

Don't think that just because I'm done with my first round of Phase 2 (in 48 hours) that I won't keep blogging. I will. I'm going to continue to track my progress through Phase 3 maintenance and the following 3 weeks before I start ROUND 2 (hopefully). WISH ME LUCK! :)

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